Concerts in Thessaloniki supported by Alphavision

Press Releases


During the weekend Alphavision supported  Gotan Project concert on Sunday 20/06 and the Wall festival event that took place at Ano Poli(at castle ruins of Thessaloniki).

Gotan Project

Alphavision supported techically Gotan Project's live concert in Thessaloniki during their word tour Tango 3 with a Christie projector 15.000ANSI. The concert took place at "Moni Lazariston" and the audience enjoyed well known songs from the Argentinean group discography. Music with the combination of a great audiovisual experience offered a magical "trip"  from Buenos Aires to the little streets of New York.



Wall festival

with the opportunity of the world day dedicated on music and trying to promote the upper city teritory and new artists of our town, Thessaloniki's Sub Municipality of Culture organized  a 3days event. During the festival rock-blues-jazz groups and artists of oriental music and "rempetika" had the opportunity to perform live. Also Greek theatre of shadows,  video art projections and many surprises expected festivals visitors. Alphavision provided audiovisual equipment for this encouraging event of our city.