Urbanscreen projection with Christie

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_IGP4972e_sitesmChristie projectors played a key role in the celebration of the 50th anniversary of Thessaloniki International Film Festival as the OLYMPION’s building in the center of the city was turned into a screen display for the new project of URBAN SCREEN.

UrbanScreen projection was an artistic approach to the main motto of the 50th film festival, “Why cinema now?” The projection main concept was to show the deconstruction and reconstruction of the history of cinema so that any viewer could give his own answer to the question. Urbanscreen conceived and produced custom-made media installations using high artistic standards, an architectural approach and a consistently professional completion, creating uniquely outstanding impressions.



Urbanscreen choose for technical support AlphaVision (www.alphavision.gr), one of the largest audio/visual solutions providers in Greece and a Christie dealer.
The elements of the building’s façade was used as the main canvas of the video, so it was very important to find the best point for the projectors and the right lenses.

Two Cristie LX-1500 projectors were placed in a special waterproof construction which also was housing the media server and the system operator. Especially for this project Christie, through the local distributor Space Vision, provided Alpha Vision with two 1.5-2.0:1 High Performance Zoom Lenses. The use of those lenses secured the highest image quality in this large-scale projection based on their unique F value 1.7- 2.3 which gave double brightness.



During the 10 days of the Festival citizens and visitors of Thessaloniki watched stunning images projected on the building from 6pm until midnight.

You can see also the video in Alphavision's blog here.