FFTV powered by Alphavision in the 50th International Film Festival of Thessaloniki

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During the 50th International Film Festival of Thessaloniki, Alphavision developed a unique digital signage project for Greek standards.
It was called FFTV channel, operated by Alphavision and based on C-nario software. The network included public spaces, festival premises and 8 hotels in Thessaloniki (Macedonia Palace, Hayatt, Capsis, City, Holiday Inn, Excelsior, Astoria and Electra Palace).  The hotel’s guests had the opportunity to watch on their own room tv set FFTV channel.

The daily FFTV program flow included news, film trailers, movies schedule, interviews, adverting spots, events etc
FFTV was also available live through internet and is still available as video on demand on the festival’s site.
A targeted private tv channel, gives the opportunity to those involved in the congress tourism sector, to provide a new product to their clients.

This innovative project was tested under the demanding needs of the festival and is proven ready to become the new communication media in national and international level.

FFTV powered by Alphavision in numbers:

•    10 days of festival
•    24 hours broadcasting
•    37 people working on the project
•    20 display locations   
•    1.400 hotel rooms
•    150.000 festival visitors
•    Uncountable viewers through internet

Alphavision represents C-nario products for Greece and Bulgaria, and provides digital signage services, audiovisual solutions and tech innovative products.