Shelf TV

Sector Tech Innovative


Create easily a network in retail and supermarkets


Shelf TV consist of a 7" screen and a built in media player with centralized   content management system through a tailor made GSM technology.

A Plug and Play advertising and communication tool




Cost-effective POP advertising device

  • Active communication at the point of decision
  • Call for purchase action
  • Upgrade shopping experience
  • Increase in sales (confirmed by nielsen)



  • Centralized network monitoring and
management 24/7
  • Simple and user friendly interface shelf_tv
  • Advanced technology of media management
  • Provides a platform for immediate release of

messaging according to campains,promotions,

period of time etc

  • Targeted messaging according to time,

location and audience



  • Plug and Play 

  • Simple connecting displays by GSM
  • Simple and rapid installation

  • No internet connection, no computer, no wires


At Size that does not hide or waste product space from shelves



Media Wizard B400D

For use of screens at any size Media Wizard is the solution.

A media player+cellular modem+ SIM card

Ideal for waiting areas, banks, healthcare, pharmacies



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Unique Selling Proposition for Retail & Supermarkets
Size that does not hide or waste product
space at shelves

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